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The 1776 Ammo Difference

You don't have to settle for subpar ammunition.

Ever pulled the trigger and had a split moment of dread, wondering if your ammo was going to get the job done? You’re not alone. But luckily there’s a solution…

1776 Ammo was born out of our needs as avid outdoorsmen and purpose-driven hunters. We were sick of the unreliability, inconsistency, and innacuracy, even from factory loads.

So we meticulously developed the best loads for serious shooters

Shooters Love 1776 Ammo

Ammo that obliterates your expectations... and your target.

Why 1776 Ammo?

The quality of your ammunition can make or break your hunt, competition, or range day…. Don’t rely on luck when you pull the trigger. 1776 Ammo guarantees:


1776 Ammo was born out of our OWN needs as performance hunters, so we truly understand the need for quality components and exceptional manufacturing processes.


1776 Ammo is guaranteed to ensure maximum precision so your shot takes your target down no matter what. No more worrying when you're about to pull the trigger.


Each 1776 Ammo load is researched and expertly crafted to ensure the most reliable and consistent performance, from round to round, box to box, and load to load.

It's our community that makes all the difference.

With shooters from all walks of life in the 1776 Ammo family, we’re truly blessed… and we hope you’ll join the 1776 family too!

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