About Us

Who We Are

It's more than ammo.
It's a way of life

1776 Ammo is a community of passionate hunters, target shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Founded by Bo Dudley and Jeff Taylor in 2021, 1776 Ammo was born from a shared frustration with inconsistent and unreliable ammunition.

We believe that every shooter deserves to have confidence in their loads, and that’s why we craft premium ammo that delivers exceptional precision, accuracy, and consistency, shot after shot.


Big kills.
Big impact.
Big benefits.

Thousands of 1776 Ammo customers and Pro Staff have greatly impacted the environment with their successful predator and pest control efforts. 

Reduce Livestock Destruction

Livestock is an extremely important part of the food industry. Survivability relies on safety from predators.

Stabilize Predator/Prey Balance

Over-predation can decimate population of local prey, causing huge disruptions in the natural ecosystem.

Help Preserve Habitats

Destructive pests like hogs can ravage and destroy habitats and ecosystems if left unchecked.