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The new RIX Pocket K2 is a compact and budget-friendly thermal monocular with many great features.  The Pocket K2 features a 256 x 192 resolution, 12μm, 50 Hz, NETD <25mK thermal sensor.  This sensor combined with a 9mm Germanium lens and a 800 x 600 OLED display to deliver a quality image at a very affordable price.

Notable features of the Pocket K2 include simple controls, onboard video recording, Wi-Fi, IP67 water ingress protection, resolution enhanced technology, an integrated lens cover, and iOS and Android mobile app compatibility.

The RIX Pocket K2 is powered by non-proprietary lithium-ion 18650 batteries and provides up to five hours of operating time.  Additionally, a 5V USB-C port allows for external power for even longer run times.

The RIX Pocket K2 series is backed by a five-year, transferable warranty.  Additionally, repairs or replacement are guaranteed within ten working days once the unit is received by RIX, so buy with the confidence you’ll be able to enjoy this optic for years to come.

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