Hornady 7mm 162gr ELD-X


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Short for “Super Shock Tip” the Hornady SST is designed to deliver tremendous shock on impact while expanding quickly and reliably particularly at higher velocities. Flat shooting and deadly accurate it’s an ideal bullet for whitetails as well as most North American game animals from antelope to moose and similar-sized African plains game. The SST creates a devastatingly large wound channel The sleek polymer tip increases the ballistic coefficient making it more efficient. Upon impact the tip also initiates controlled expansion. It?s a fact: bullets that travel faster hit harder. The Hornady secant ogive gives hunters the speed ballistic efficiency and downrange energy they?re looking for Provides accurate and consistent crimping and also works with the InterLock ring to control expansion Ensures the core and jacket remain locked solid during expansion so the SST retains the mass and energy needed for dramatic wound.

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