Norma 270 WSM 140gr TipStrike


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Product Description

When your first shot counts, you need confidence in your ammunition. With the Tipstrike ammunition line from Norma, you can have confidence in the fact that you have a dedicated hard hitting hunting round. The Tipstrike bullet is designed with a lead locked core and polymer-tipped bullet that provides rapid expansion upon impact. To achieve this, the bullet uses an optimized jacket and a specialized polymer tip for consistent accuracy performance and an excellent ballistic coefficient. If you want to stop that prize deer in its tracks, keep your rifle loaded with Tipstrike from Norma Ammunition.

Born in the heart of Sweden, Norma has been dedicated to providing some of the best in ammunition for well over 100 years. Every round is loaded and tested by passionate hunters and shooters. Norma has made it their mission to deliver the best performing ammunition whether you are hunting, target shooting or competing.

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