Sig Sauer 9mm 147gr JHP V-Crown


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Sierra Bullets has partnered with Sig Sauer to bring you the ultimate defense bullet line delivering optimal weight retention and expansion at all effective distances combined with Sierra’s world-renowned accuracy. The line features a stacked hollow point bullet design with an additional hollow point cavity. The locking groove was added to provide a controlled expansion quality while keeping the weight retention at an ideally high level. The new #9947 147gr JHP is heavy weight used to provide sub-sonic velocities from cartridges like the 9�19 (9mm Luger) and can be an ideal combination from an SBR style firearm. – Diameter (inches): 0.355 – Weight (grains): 147 Gr. – Sectional Density: .167 – Ballistic Coefficients and Velocity Ranges: .162 @ 1200 fps and above .220 between 1200 fps and 930 fps .165 @ 930 fps and below – Box Count: 500 Bullets


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