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Unlike thermal imaging binoculars with two eyepiece displays, the AURORA series is the first large, single-screen thermal imaging binocular on the market. With a 2.69-inch display screen and 2.5x eyepiece, AURORA users will experience less eye fatigue and no symptoms of dizziness or nausea even after prolonged observation.


The A6R is equipped with 640×512 detectors and a 50mm lens, providing a high-definition observation experience. Therefor the AURORA series always grants users higher-quality, more detailed, and higher-contrast images, even in rain or fog.


The AURORA A6R has a built-in laser ranging module that measures the range up to 1300m (approximately 1421.7yds), achieving high-precision of ±1 meters (1.09 yards) for a quick, error-free assessment of the situation.


A powerful long-distance objective lens combined with a 12µm sensitive thermal imaging sensor, provides exceptional distance detection capabilities. The A6R has a detection range of about 2600m (2843.4yds) in complete darkness.


The AURORA series is powered by two types of batteries. One is built-in with a high capacity of 3700mAh. The other is external, 8 AA. The combination means up to 20+ hours of battery life and a long, worry-free outdoor observation experience.


The AURORA series can record and playback all your wonderful moments with well-designed software and built in 32G of storage. Using WiFi to connect with your smartphone via the app, you can control the digital device functions on your AURORA and transmit real-time images and videos.

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