RIX LEAP L3 384 Thermal Riflescope


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Find your target in darkness or bad weather and enjoy the smooth feel and clear sight picture of optical zoom with the RIX Leap L3 3.2-9.6x Thermal Imaging Riflescope. The scope takes photos and records video, including recoil-activated recording that captures the moments before and after your shot. Zeroing is electronic, and the turrets and their center buttons also control other functions, including photo/video, settings, etc. The large zoom ring with throw lever makes it easy to magnify your target, and you have digital zoom and picture-in-picture options as well. There are eight reticles and six color palette options. You can save photos and video to the 32GB of onboard memory, offload to a computer by cable, and stream to your phone running the LEAP app.

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